The holiday grind

Watercolor PixWhen you self publish your job starts when your other job ends and when that one….well you get the picture.That’s when the blog gets pushed farther and farther along the chain of task at hand and that’s when you get sparsely posted blog entries. But you know what? I love it and I’m not letting it go. As a matter of fact I love everything I do relating to this blog and it’s all good, just less time for each. I guess it’s like when you have kids, you love all of them but there is little precious time for each, so you make the best of it.
When there is so much work to be done you have to love what you do or else you’d go insane. You know, lately, to keep up with the holiday schedule I started using the sticky notes feature in Windows. I used to use the real ones but it was getting to be a big mess. The only thing is, with the virtual ones is that they use up your home screen space. And with the load I have for this year’s end, my sticky notes are so numerous that I can only see a quarter of my screen.
The good news is, the storybook, well the art part at least is done. Sent to Amazon and proofed. I’m very happy with the results, 4 spreads over twenty four pages. Always wanted to have a illustrated book that would combine line art and watercolor and it’s finally here. I can remember when my mom bought one of those Reader’s Digest books on painting and their different techniques. In the section on watercolor there was one page which featured and explained the mixed art of pen and watercolor. When I saw that, my eyes lit up. I want to do this, I had said to myself, I sooooo wanted to do this. It’s here now, you should see the very broad smile on my face as I’m writing, it’s priceless.
Oh and if you are so inclined to be interested in eyeing a sample of my latest, I made available a eight pages preview here:

And if you are still interested and want to buy, then be my guest and go to Amazon at:

Well, off to promo, see you soon!


Time and money.

The whole of May….gone. Where did it go?

A lot of times in my life I felt like a spider hanging precariously from it’s own thread in the prevailing torrent of swirls in the wind to keep on threading no matter what, until a steady ground would secure my leading end then I could bridge onto my next step until further prevailing winds would lead me on. One such story follows.

A month goes onward and the cast in the wings anxiously awaits their spot on the stage.That’s how I felt waiting for this blog to spill. So now I spit the swill.
I have been absent for the longest, even though my first goal for this blog was to push myself to write on a ongoing basis to further my writing skills. For the ongoing there was one, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. Instead it was the relentless flow of creativity found (the proverbial hanging thread) after I had discovered that you could physically print your book through Amazon’s CreateSpace website without a dime to show. I had one that was printed 5 years ago, a children’s coloring and activity book I had set up way back on Etsy that didn’t sell much. But the cost to me back then was $8.00 a unit which I sold for $10.00. The same book on CreateSpace…….three freakin’ forty five. Can you believe this? Not only that, but at my cost back then, I had to package and post it, which I don’t have to care now or pay further more for that matter. Didn’t I wish I had found that out before?….hell yeah!!!

The caveat is, you have to know your graphics and layouts. Since I’m by trade a trained graphic artist, for me it’s not a problem. But for somebody who has never dabbled in the field I would consider it a bit of a hindrance. But I divert.
Bottom line is, I just spit out two books within a months time, one that was dormant and I revived it and the other one I completed in the remaining time. Although both, very time consuming but all well worth the effort. I’ll give you the link as soon I get them for both. It is no literary masterpiece but it’s from the heart. See you soon, so I can share the fruits of my recent labor. Until then…