Time and money.

The whole of May….gone. Where did it go?

A lot of times in my life I felt like a spider hanging precariously from it’s own thread in the prevailing torrent of swirls in the wind to keep on threading no matter what, until a steady ground would secure my leading end then I could bridge onto my next step until further prevailing winds would lead me on. One such story follows.

A month goes onward and the cast in the wings anxiously awaits their spot on the stage.That’s how I felt waiting for this blog to spill. So now I spit the swill.
I have been absent for the longest, even though my first goal for this blog was to push myself to write on a ongoing basis to further my writing skills. For the ongoing there was one, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. Instead it was the relentless flow of creativity found (the proverbial hanging thread) after I had discovered that you could physically print your book through Amazon’s CreateSpace website without a dime to show. I had one that was printed 5 years ago, a children’s coloring and activity book I had set up way back on Etsy that didn’t sell much. But the cost to me back then was $8.00 a unit which I sold for $10.00. The same book on CreateSpace…….three freakin’ forty five. Can you believe this? Not only that, but at my cost back then, I had to package and post it, which I don’t have to care now or pay further more for that matter. Didn’t I wish I had found that out before?….hell yeah!!!

The caveat is, you have to know your graphics and layouts. Since I’m by trade a trained graphic artist, for me it’s not a problem. But for somebody who has never dabbled in the field I would consider it a bit of a hindrance. But I divert.
Bottom line is, I just spit out two books within a months time, one that was dormant and I revived it and the other one I completed in the remaining time. Although both, very time consuming but all well worth the effort. I’ll give you the link as soon I get them for both. It is no literary masterpiece but it’s from the heart. See you soon, so I can share the fruits of my recent labor. Until then…