Woo, woo, woo, Woobotz!

I had been working on and off on this project for about two years now. Always wanted to have a bedtime storybook. I don’t even know if parents still do this nowadays but who the hell cares. I want it, I want it and I want it, case closed (I can hear in my head ” You big baby “) 🙂
All in connection with The Woobotz, these little robotic creatures that have had their place on the web and on Facebook since five years ago. They were my first foray in rekindling my love for illustration.

As we speak right now, Europe is in the grips of a record heatwave, we’re on our third week of relentless, sweatie thirthy plus degrees and as I’m writing, I’m sweating bullets. My drawing tablet is sticking to my arm so I got the olive oil out, just kidding of course. My mate doesn’t believe in AC, just to let you know, but I digress.

I’l make a new entry on this blog’s menu, so if your curious you can always take a gander. In this new project of about twenty pages there will be fourteen short stories and three spreads. I’m still debating the number of stories but the amount of spread stays put. This blog post header image is one of the more completed ones yet.

Those spreads are my babies, they roughly took me anywhere from two hundred to three hundred hours each to complete and I’m still not done. They are exquisitely detailed exactly the way I love them. This is why another month has passed before this blog entry and the last one. I would like this thing finished by the Holidays, so every waking hours is dedicated to the task, hence no blog entry.
Before coming over to live in Spain I never thought that I would want the sun to go on a extended vacation, well at least tone it down a bit. Now, what I’m really wishing for is a dip in the sea, which I’m planning to do right after this entry and a icy cold one when I get home. Hey, I earned it, this is my first real dip this year, I’m white as snow so I don’t think I’m bragging that much, well maybe just a little…